Visa information

Visa information

If you are traveling to our event from a country whose citizens require a visa for Thailand, you will need to obtain an official invitation letter. Our Thai partner Expolink will issue invitation letters on behalf of VICTAM Corporation and VNU Exhibitions Europe B.V.. You can download the form by clicking on the blue button below and send it directly to the e-mail address mentioned on the form. You will see the form at the bottom of your screen where you can open it. 


Do I need a visa for Thailand?

If you are not sure whether you need a visa, you can check that here

We would like to stress the fact that you need to start your visa application on time in order to avoid disappointments. Please carry out the necessary formalities yourself. VICTAM International B.V. and VNU Exhibitions Europe B.V. will not accept responsibility if you do not receive a visa or do not receive it on time, or if you are unable to travel to the event due to other reasons.