Workshops Theatre

Besides having a booth at VICTAM Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia 2024, it is also possible to host a technical seminar. A technical seminar is the perfect opportunity to present your organisation, product(s) or service(s) to a selected and invited audience.

Submission Workshops Theatre Victam Asia 2024

Preferred date & time

Please be advised that the preferred timeslot can't be guaranteed.

The perfect opportunity to present your organisation

All technical seminars will be communicated through different VICTAM Asia 2024 channels (websites, Show Guide and registration).

The seminar theatre is located in the center of the exhibition floor and can accommodate 100 people. Each seminar has a duration of 45 minutes and will be available to you at an additional fee of € 1.250,- (ex VAT).

The seminar theatre will be equipped with: 

  • 100 chairs               
  • Lectern
  • Microphone
  • Amplifier
  • Screen
  • Beamer
  • Badge scanner

If you would like to host a technical seminar, please enter below the (tentative) title and subject of the seminar, upload an image of the speaker and tick the checkboxes below with the date(s) and time slot(s) you are interested in. Our team will contact you to discuss all details.

Please note: The exhibitor is responsible for any promotion of their seminar. Please ensure you promote your seminar prior to the event. The organisers cannot give any guarantee or take any responsibility with regards to the minimum number of visitors to the technical seminars. However, if we receive all information about the seminar at an early stage (theme, speaker, etc.), the more we can promote your seminar to the visitors. 

*Please be advised that the preferred timeslot can't be guaranteed.