Visit VICTAM Asia 2024 and see the future of our industry

VICTAM ASIA is firmly established as the event dedicated for the animal feed processing industry within Asia. Co-located with VICTAM Asia 2024 is VIV Health & Nutrition, making this the total animal feed and health event organized by Victam and VIV.  VICTAM Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia is also home to GRAPAS Asia, the event for grain, rice, and flour milling technology.

One of the main reasons for visitors to come to an event is to see new developments and solutions. What is new in the industry to make my business more effective, efficient or more sustainable?

At the exhibition floor there is an innovation pavilion with many of these innovations. Of course you can find out more to visit the stands of these companies.

Below you can see some of the innovations that were on display during the 2022 edition.



Nominees Innovation Awards 2022

  • Andritz
  • Brabender - Evonik
  • Bühler AG
  • CPM
  • Famsun
  • FrigorTec
  • Hydronix
  • Petkus
  • PLP
  • Henry Simon
  • Van Aarsen
  • Yenar

The Metris Vibe Condition Monitoring System by Andritz

Introduced in May 2022, the interactive, self-monitoring system functions in combination with the unique vibration patterns of Andritz OEM technology, continuously measuring the vibration and temperature input of key equipment, analysing corresponding data points and comparing them to ... 

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Extruder Microfeed System by Andritz

Extruder Microfeed System prototypes have been successfully tested on two Andritz extruders at renowned microfeed producers and helps fish and shrimp feed producers increase their output by 30-45 percent when producing small pellet sizes less than 2mm.

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Condor Platform by Promtek

Introduced in 2021, the Condor Platform is a new enterprise platform for animal nutrition and food producers, which offers pre-built modules for MES and OEE as well as pre-built apps for process control configuration, user identification and secure data exchange protocols.

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Whey powder coating post pelleting by PLP Sytems

PLP has developed a technology to add these heat sensitive powders directly on the finish pellets, this technology is called PSPATM ‘Post Stress Powder Application’ a trade name registered by PLP, a technology that it thinks will be the future for many applications.

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Dryer Heat Recovery Device by Famsun

By recovering the heat of hot and low moisture exhaust air, the Dryer Heat Recovery Device reduces energy consumption, and heat energy recovery is achieved in this way which finally reduces the energy consumption of the dryer.

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Wet extrusion waste recycling by Cristiano Torre

Introduced in 2021, this machine is designed for the reintegration - during normal functioning - of wet waste produced at each start-up of the extruder. In the aquafeed industry, the ‘wet extrusion waste’ is the solid or pasty material, which is produced when the extruder starts and stops.

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Silica for animal feed by Evonik Operations & Brabender

Farmed salmonids, for example Atlantic salmon and trout, require high fat content in their feed (depending on the growth status ≥ 30 percent). However, fat negatively influences the extrusion process due to its lubricating effect.

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SJPS156 Twin-screw Extruder by Famsun

This extruder has a hydraulic screw ‘Push Out System’ that is integrated with the connecting barrel to save space.Introduced in 2020, its automated control is used to reduce the time spent in pushing the screws and shaft out of the extruder barrels, which can ensure replacement of a configuration within 30 minutes.

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Growease Poultry by DSAND

Introduced in April 2019 and based on enzymatically hydrolysed proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids, Growease Poultry is a feed additive in the poultry industry. Principally, it acts as fast weight gain in broilers and improves performance of poor performing breeders and layers mainly affected by mixed-viral infections.


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Hydro-View & Hydro-Hub by Hydronix

The Hydro-View (Model HV05) and Hydro-Hub (Model HH01) are the latest in the range of operator interfaces for the Hydronix digital moisture sensors.Introduced in October 2020, they can be used either as a self-contained solution or as part of a larger. 

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Lube for Life Rolls by CPM Europe

CPM introduces Pellet Mill Rolls for the Feed industry which do not need grease lubrication. A continues operating pellet mill uses three barrels of 200KG grease per year just to lubricate its rolls. All this grease ends up in the feed and is consumed by the animals.

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The M007 Cooler by Agentis Innovations

Agentis Innovations have designed a complete automated control system for a cooler which discharges the feed based on a number of parameters including temperature and moisture. The M007 Cooler by Agentis Innovations is designed for all species including animal, aqua and petfood production

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CU1200 Titan by Van Aarsen International BV

With a design that is supported by more than 40 years of developing pellet mills, as well as affording producers an unparalleled level of capacity, CU1200 Titan also features mechanically operated roller adjustment and active slip detection when the machine is in full operation.

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Arrius Integrated Grinding System by Bühler Group

Arrius is the first fully integrated grinding system (IGS) for grinding wheat, durum, rye, barley, corn and spelt where it sets the benchmark in terms of grinding performance and energy efficiency. The newly developed roller pack is pre-stressed and backlash-free which makes for a stable grinding process. 


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NIR-Online X-Sential by Büchi Labortechnik AG

With the launch of the NIR-Online X- SentialTM in 2021, Büchi Labortechnik AG introduced a new process sensor that takes advantage of more than 15 years of in-the-field experience with process NIR technology and applications.


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GranifrigorTM Control-Logic by FrigorTec GmbH

Using the new controller for the Granifrigor grain cooling unit, it is easy to stabilise storage conditions for grain. Grains/oilseeds must be stored at an aw value of 0.65 and a temperature below 15°C. If the portion of water is low (aw value), no moulds are formed.

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HSPU Purifier by Henry Simon

The new HSPU Purifier presents the joint advantage of a new design and technology together. Being engineered and developed by Henry Simon R&D team in collaboration with ItalDesign, the new exterior design of HSPU purifier was crowned by Good Design Awards in 2020.

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The Petkus Airmax by Petkus GmbH

The machine that Petkus describes as being ‘the centrepiece of all processing lines’ has been significantly upgraded, with it now meeting modern demands such as user-friendliness, safety aspects, increased flexibility and efficiency. 

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RollCare Profile Measurement Device by Yenar

This solution is designed to optimise the effectiveness and lifetime of the rolls in your mill. The rollCare Profile Measurement Device is the only device on the market that is specifically designed using laser technology with the ability to check roll profiles whilst fluting on site in the mill itself.

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Temperature & Vibration Management (TVM) by Bühler Group

Bühler’s temperature and vibration management (TVM) is a digital service powered by the company’s Bühler Insights platform which measures the temperature and vibrations inside your rollers, with continuous analysis by proprietary algorithms.

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Termico Silo THT by Wingmen Group

The Termico Silo THT is a completely new technology for heat treatment application for pest control in flour or grain silos. With the Termico Silo THT, traditional fumigation with poison can be 100 percent replaced with no chemicals used.


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